Zeitgeist #12: Factory Aflame

Last time, the players scaled Cauldron Hill and helped the old Skyseer a clear look at the stars and his last vision. They also had a vision themselves, seeing Heward Sechim’s factory go up in a blaze. After coming down from the mountain, they take their leave from the Skyseers Nevard and Korvus. If you’re not […]

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Zeitgeist #10: The Henge

The next morning, Summer 2nd, the RHC constables meet at the office to discuss progress with Chief Inspector Stover Delft. Together they decide to head into the Cloudwood first, to speak with Nevard Sechim. In the steep, tangled terrain of the Cloudwood only a few roads are well-maintained enough for carriages to travel easily, and most […]

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Zeitgeist #8: On the fence

Spring is over in Risur and summer fast approaching. On the first day of summer, shortly before 11am, the players are called into the office of Chief Inspector Stover Delft and he has some field work for them: an unkown woman jumped out of the fourth story window of the Danoran consulate and impaled herself […]

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